Goodbye San Diego

Time goes by so incredibly fast. I can’t believe that’s it’s already been four months. I guess it’s like people say – time flies when you’re having fun. And fun it definitely has been! But what about all the fun I haven’t had the time to have yet? There are still some things I wish I had gotten around to doing – like the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park. On the other hand I have done so many other things. And at some point the days started to look alike – they always tend to do that don’t they. The feeling of being on vacation went away once in a while and even though I was in San Diego, it felt like everyday life. Looking back I can’t help but wishing I had appreciated every single moment more than I did. Now that my time here is almost up I can’t help but wonder if I really enjoyed every single moment the way I should have. Did I pause for a second once in a while just to appreciate how happy I was in that exact moment? Some times… but not as often as I could have (and maybe should have). Time truly does fly (I know, I sound like and old lady now, maybe that’s what this whole adventure has made me… it has definitely aged my liver remarkably). In a couple of weeks I’ll be back in Denmark. With no palm trees. No Pacific Ocean 50 meters from my doorstep. No surfboard under my arm. And missing all those awesome people that I got to know and care so much about while living here. So did I truly appreciate what I had these past months? I guess I could have been more present in the moment sometimes. I really want to get better at doing that. But then again I wasn’t on vacation for four months. I was living my life for four months. And life isn’t just a long vacation. It has ups and downs – just like this adventure has had. Life doesn’t stop just because you go to San Diego. Your life is where you’re at. Then it’s up to you to make the best of it. To deal with the lows when they hit you. To remember to pause once in a while and appreciate the wonderful moments. To allow yourself to just be in the moment. And when it comes down to it San Diego is a pretty awesome place to do that.


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