A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead walk into a bar…

…or to be fair they might have stumbled. As I informed you of you last week one of my very best friends the amazing M is visiting me these days. More specifically she arrived last Friday and is flying back to Denmark on Monday. One of M’s other best friends H is also studying here in San Diego at SDSU – I met her through M back in Denmark and we have also become really good friends over here. Lucky for M we travelled to the same place and she got to visit two of her best friends! Naturally H and I agreed to share her – civil as we are (fighting for her undivided attention would simply have been way to exhausting). Since M didn’t arrive until pretty late un friday we didn’t go out then.. but I’ll tell you that we more than made up for it on Saturday! One of the Danish guys K had a birthday party… that started at 3pm in the afternoon! He had arranged for both beach volleyball and crochet (both games converted into drinking games of course) as well as the classic (and here in PB also mandatory) drinking game flip-a-cup. In case you’re not familiar with the flip-a-cup game it goes a little something like this video (these are not friends of mine, but a random video from YouTube). They guy on the left demonstrates the perfect flip-a-cup performance:

Needless to say we didn’t go home in a completely sober state that afternoon… I was especially surprised to find out how challenging a game of beer-crochet could be! But come nightfall we were ready to celebrate K in the famous PB party manner!

During the week H and I arranged a lot of other stuff to show M San Diego at its best. We had some fabulous brunches at some of the very best breakfast places like The Olive Cafe, The Eggery and The Green Flash (which is right on the board walk). Of course we had to go to Sea World  (THE most famous place in all of San Diego!). It’s a good idea to arrive there early to get a chance to see all of their amazing shows (I ❤ Shamu!). But  I do have to warn you about one thing.. the shows have these very touching Disney-like soundtracks which are very likely to make you cry! Just so you know… Not that I did… a lot.

Of course we also did all the mandatory things like the Point Loma viewpoint, surfing, shopping, Sushi Monday at Surfside Sushi, Taco Tuesday, Thursday night happy hour (the $1 bar) at Beachcomber and driving around in the gold convertible! Now the thing is that M happens to be a redhead. She has very bright beautiful red hair, which always gets a lot of attention. H happens to be a (natural!) blonde with bright, golden, very pretty Scandinavian hair. And I happen to be a brunette. We all happen to have very long hair. I can tell you that when you combine all three of us we are a “A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead-joke” just waiting to happen. People do notice. But being the Scandinavian version of Charlie’s Angels isn’t all bad. It’s also kinda fun! And now we are going to LA for the weekend and staying in Venice Beach! Hopefully the famous board walk there can handle a few more weirdos… And tonight we get to be part of the audience at the shooting of the brand new TBS show called Men at Work, which I’m sure will be a big hit show (it is SO incredibly funny!!!). I just can’t wait…


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