The thing about presents…

…is that they need to be special! As I might have mention a few times in previous blog posts we tend to celebrate quite a lot of birthdays here in PB… What I haven’t mentioned before are all the presents that come with these birthdays – they do tend to add up. But we’ve managed to figure out an appropriate price level. With a fixed price level it can be a challenge to find something really nice though. But if you get together a few people its actually possible to raise a decent enough amount of money to get the birthday boy/girl something they really want! The past weekend we had yet another birthday. It was for the lovely A – such a cool girl!!! She deserved nothing but the best of course! Her biggest wish was the Miss Dior Cherie perfume, so a big bunch of us got together and made it happen!

To get the gift I went to Fashion Valley – as you might be able to guess this a shopping mall. Compared to other American shopping malls it might be quite normal, but compared to the malls I’m used to in Denmark it is quite big! It is beautifully structured so that you can walk outdoors from shop to shop (with 200 of them to choose between!). They have quite a good selection of the brands that you either can’t get back in Denmark (like Victoria’s Secret), that are far cheaper to buy here in the US (like MAC cosmetics) or that you know from TV and therefore just HAVE to see (like Tiffany’s!!). In addition Fashion Valley have some of the big department stores that you also hear about on TV – like Bloomingdales (whom Rachel works for in Friends!) or Macy’s (who BTW carry my all time favourite brand Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply!). The place has a great selection of brands and stores, and yet I managed to only buy the gift for A and not a whole bunch of stuff for myself that I didn’t need (go me!). Now, before I went here I was told that EVERYTHING is cheaper in the US compared to Denmark – well that is not completely true… but some things are though! Especially if you go to an outlet! I can definitely recommend the Las Americas Premium Outlets right by the Mexican border (on the US side!). Here I’ve made several great bargains! Just to mention a couple I got Converse All Star shoes for a fragment of the usual price as well as Tommy Hilfiger clothes at insane prices! Love that place!

Anyway, I got the perfume for A, who was absolutely thrilled and overwhelmed. The party was incredibly awesome and everybody had a great time (lot’s of singing along to boy band songs and lots of weird but fun conversation!). I couldn’t help but wonder why we don’t have more private parties at home. We used to, back when we were too young to get into clubs and bars, but not so much anymore. Here we have them ALL THE TIME and they are so much more fun (and so much cheaper!) than going out to bars and clubs! I think I will make it my mission to carry on the PB tradition and throw more private parties when I get back home. Speaking of home, one of my very best friends M is coming to visit me for a week and she is arriving tonight! SO EXITING! I promise to tell you all about our adventures next week…


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