Taco Tuesday FTW!

So after having my sister visit me for the past 2 weeks I haven’t been doing any drinking… This week I’ve started to make up for that and I’m confident this upcoming weekend will more than accomplish it! This Tuesday a big bunch of us Danes (we are a strange species that always travels in large groups!) decided to go to PB Bar & Grill to celebrate the mere fact that it was Tuesday and the taco’s were cheap. After living here for a few months this has sort of become the regular spot – party because it’s pretty much the only place where we can find a table big enough for all of us and party because the food here is better than most places. Compared to some of the other places that celebrate Taco Tuesday, PB Bar & Grill is a mellow place with a laid back atmosphere – despite the fact that the margaritas are only $3! And boy are they good margaritas! The very best one is the frozen banana-strawberry version which is not on the menu any longer, but they still serve it at requests. If you plan to get a little tipsy (or very tipsy) it’s a good idea to try out all the different flavours of frozen margaritas that they have, that will definitely get your buzz going! (of course I have never accomplished that myself, the weak drinker that I am…) Anyhow, the part of the party that wasn’t ready to go home after dinner continued the night at Typhoon Saloon a bit further up Garnet. This place is probably one of the more famous Taco Tuesday venues… It. Is. HUGE! And the amount of people filling up the space is accordingly big. Every Tuesday there is the same never-ending line in front of Typhoon. But you shouldn’t let that scare you, the line moves very fast. Once you’ve stood in line and paid the $5 entrance fee you get to experience the regular meat market that Typhoon is. In case you’re not familiar with the expression “meat market,” it refers to the type of bar/club/venue where everyone seems to be there for the sole purpose of getting attention from and checking out the opposite sex. Under such circumstances people have a tendency to look at you as if you are a piece of meat – hence the expression “meat market.” Typhoon is a classic example of such a place. It’s not all bad though. They do have VERY good music! And it is possible to dance practically anywhere there, since it is so crowded that no spontaneous dancer will ever feel exposed. As well as PB Bar & Grill, Typhoon also offer cheap margaritas on Tuesday nights. You get a HUGE glass that ways approximately a little less than a ton, which will cost you $5. There is a way to avoid the giant glasses AND save money though (promise you wont tell anyone). If you go up the few stairs to the small bar at the left of the dance floor, you will be able to get $3 margaritas in lightweight plastic glasses – and I promise you the amount of drink in the glass is exactly the same as the $5 ones! Just to sum up, Typhoon is a fun place to go if you want to be where the rest of Pacific Beach seem to spend every Tuesday night and want to have a fun night of dancing and drinks. I can tell you that that night when we were all dancing in a circle and Big Sean – Dance (A$$) Remix ft. Nicki Minaj came on people just went crazy! It felt pretty awesome.


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