Spring break woop woop!

So back in Denmark spring break is called “Easter Holiday.” It has a different ring to it doesn’t it… when I think of Easter Holiday activities such as “blowing eggs” (not as dirty as it sounds… it’s a Scandinavian tradition where you make two tiny tiny holes in a raw egg and then blow out the stuff in the middle and paint the shell with water paint), making hot cocoa, hunting for easter eggs in the forest in Sweden and decorating branches full of small new green buds with easter eggs come to mind. When I think of “Spring break” other activities come to mind. In Europe the concept of spring break has become quite famous from various teenage/high school/college films and TV shows. The concept now has quite a reputation. I would like to say now that I was only drunk once during my spring break. And I wasn’t even that drunk that time. As I informed you last week my sister was visiting me during spring break. She happens to be 20 years of age which as you might know s not a legal drinking age in America. To a girl of Danish origin, who has been allowed to drink legally since the age of 16 that tends to be kinda frustrating. Anyway we had to find alternate sources of amusement and entertainment. And I betcha we did! She just left yesterday (and I already miss her SO much!!!). What is it about sisters that is so awesome? First of all they are destined by blood to love you unconditionally (and who doesn’t want unconditional love…). Secondly they know about all your otherwise extremely well hidden and very unlikeable character traits and they still like you. Up until the beginning of 2009 when I was 19 years old and my sister was 17 where I went on a round the world trip for 6 months, my sister and I had never been apart for more than 2 weeks at a time. During our childhood we travelled a lot with our parents in connection with sailing events around the world (my dad’s an umpire). Naturally we’ve always been very close. It was so great to have her here during spring break! Who would have guessed that there were so many wonderful non-alcohol related things to do in San Diego! We had a spa day at the Catamaran Spa in Pacific Beach – if you book any appointment you’ll have access to their facilities (gym, hot tub, pool) from 8 am to 9 pm! We also went to LA / Hollywood for a few days to visit family and experience the city of angels (very disappointingly we did not see any celebrities). Back in San Diego we spent a day at the San Diego Zoo, spent another day in Old Town (where they have the most amazing salt water taffy!), hung out on the Pacific Beach Boardwalk, went to La Jolla to watch both seals and sea lions play in the waves, visited Coronado Beach with the golden sand (literally!) where shirtless navy seals were running forth and back (lucky us!). We also drove to Point Loma to experience the absolutely incredible view of San Diego and the North Pacific Ocean (it’s totally worth the $5), had a barbecue party with some of the other Danes, tried the Pinkberry frozen yoghurt in Fashion Valley (big highlight!) and went a bit crazy shopping at the Las Americas Premium Outlets near the Mexican border. All in all a very fun, laugh-provoking, great tasting and joyful spring break. I love my sister!


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