The thing about surprises…

…Is that they are only a good thing when they have a positive message. This past week has just been full of surprises… And they all been the good kind! Last weekend we actually had a good ol’ fashioned surprise party! (Now, I know we have a LOT of birthday parties all the time, but birthdays just keep coming up, so what to do?) It was for our friend and room-mate T. It was his birthday on Wednesday this week so we decided to throw him a surprise-party last Saturday! He had no clue whatsoever… I’ve never thrown a surprise-party before, but I’m telling you it’s such an awesome concept. I’ve rarely seen anyone that overwhelmed. TOTALLY worth the trouble of throwing the party. We were no less than 30 Danes waiting for him when he got home. The second he turned on the light we all yelled SURPRISE (like it is often done at surprise parties…) really loud. If it had been his 70th birthday he probably would have had a heart attack. So I would like to emphasize that this is probably not a good way to celebrate you grandfathers next big birthday! But T seemed very touched though and all of our guest had a great time partying aaaall night looooong. So big success.

Last week we had two midterms. And the other surprise this week were my grades from these midterms… I got an A- on one and a B+ on the other one! Right after both exams I a had a feeling that they hadn’t gone too well. I knew I could have studied more diligently… But SURPRISE! I passed! We (my room-mates and I that is) don’t even need to get good grades while we’re here, since we only get credit for passing the courses transferred onto our Danish transcript. This fact makes it a bit easier not to stress too much about exams over here. These exams were the second ones I have done in both courses, so by now I have a pretty good idea of how much effort I need to put into studying to be able to get a reasonably respectable grade. And luckily that effort doesn’t require me downsizing time spent on surfing, sailing, tanning, partying and just having fun in general. Life. Is. GOOD…


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