I know… it’s not a very original title. But then again going on a girls trip to Vegas isn’t very original either. But anyway, that’s what we did! Nine of us Danish girls living here in San Diego decided to go to Las Vegas last weekend. And it. Was. Awesome! Now, you know how people say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? I’m going to try to respect that as well as I can. But what I WILL do is tell you about some of the less secret stuff we did! We drove off towards the desert as soon as we were done with classes for the day on Thursday. This means the trip through the desert was like driving inside the mind of Marylin Mason – it was pitch black. Even the desert has hills so whenever we were on top of a hill all we could see was this very long red and white shiny snake twisting through the blackness. It was kind of beautiful in a way and also sort of exciting because we knew that at the end of that snake was the City of Light waiting for us. Trying to stay awake we spent the entire trip gossiping and screaming along to classic party songs from our distant youth. When arriving in the city we decided to take the top of our (very fabulous) gold Sebring and I can say without a hint of irony that we definitely arrived in Las Vegas with style (and a LOT of expectations!). We stayed at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel, which was the third resort to open on the Strip (oh yeah, we were kickin’ it old school), and is the home of a family of LIVE flamingos! So, since we only had three nights to go out we decided that Thursday shouldn’t be wasted at the hotel rooms – even if the beds did have white leather headboards and the bathroom lights were pink. So we went out. We had hardly gotten more than three steps out of the hotel before we were stopped by a very eager club promoter offering us drinks and free admission to the nightclubs he were promoting. We exchanged contact details with him (you never know turn down free stuff, right?)  but made sure not to promise anything. We had a plan and that plan was Studio 54, the club at MGM Grand hotel. We never made it to Studio 54. About half way there we got a better offer. $20 for open bar all night. So that was Thursday….

Friday we had brunch at this wonderful French restaurant just across from the Bellagio Fountain called Mon Ami Gabi. I can definitely recommend this place – not too expensive (considering the location) and the food was really good! We spent the day looking at theme hotels like The Venetian which (surprise surprise) has an Italian theme with indoor canals like in Venice. Her ewe were head-hunted to attend the Friday night “Dirty South” themed party at TAO nightclub. So that’s where we went Friday night. Now the ONLY way to transport yourself to a club in Vegas is of course by limo, so we had to do that. I gotta admit sitting in a limo with eight HOT looking girlfriends on our way to one of the hottest nightclubs in Vegas, where we were going to get free admission, get in front of the line, our own table and open bar felt pretty damn fabulous.

Saturday we were pretty exhausted (apparently our bodies are no longer 18 even though our minds seem to be…) So we decided to spend the first part of the day by the pool. The problem was the pool was closed. Filled with rage and a strong feeling of injustice we went to complain at the reception. Our rage was very quickly turned into excitement though, when we were informed by the nice lady that since the Flamingo pool was under construction we would have permission to use the pool at Ceasar’s Palace (aka. Heaven on Earth!!!) After tanning and going to more hotels we tried the famous buffet at the Bellagio – pretty expensive, but SO worth it! I’ve rarely seen such a great selection of seafood! After eating our hearts out (and then some dessert), we spent the rest of the evening/night at the Bellagio nightclub called The Bank. Sunday was all about the last sights before heading back to San Diego in the afternoon. Driving through the desert while the sun was setting I felt like I’d been in Vegas for both 2 weeks and 2 hours at the same time. I’d seen and experienced so much and yet it felt like I’d just arrived that same day. Time can be weird that way…


One thought on “VEGAS BABY!

  1. Tracy says:

    ah this sounded so fun! especially since it was your first time to Vegas, im sure it was exciting. now i wish i was 21 and could go 😦

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