Running, lifting, jumping, pulling…

So we are living in California. And the weather isn’t too bad as you might have heard. But warm weather comes with responsibilities. If you thought California lifestyle was all about chilling and tanning… you were wrong! Man, it’s hard work to be a Cali girl! Back home in Denmark it is no problem at all coming up with excuses for not exercising… it’s too cold/rainy/snowy/dark outside is probably the most common one. Of course we have fitness centres and sports facilities (after all we are civilized people), but they are expensive and you have to go outside in the cold/rain/snow/dark to get there… But here in sunny California those excuses are non existent. AND with the warm weather comes the requirement to wear little clothing (there is a reason that the summer-edition of your body is called “bathing suit shape” in Denmark – it is rarely a constant condition). Suddenly it makes sense why we keep seeing all these people roller-blading/jogging/working out everywhere… it’s because they have to. And as they say, when in Rome do as the Romans. So we go and we do. In the last few weeks I have been running more times than during my entire lifetime before coming here. We run down on the board walk by the beach (like any other self-respecting Californian!) which actually makes running much more pleasant. It’s a 3 mile run which suits me pretty well. In addition to running we have free access to the fitness centre at San Diego State University. And when something is free you have to do it (it’s like samples in the supermarket – you have to try it cause it’s free). So we work out. And again I have been to this fitness centre more times than all the other fitness centres I have ever been in combined. Besides running I have gone surfing once for three hours – what an awesome way to work out! It was the most fun sport I have ever tried. And you don’t even notice how hard you are working! They day after my arms were so sore, even getting my jacket on was a huge challenge. Also I have started sailing the hobie cat once a week at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, who offer sailing lessons once a week for the whole semester. It hasn’t been much of a workout yet, but I still believe I get active-points for it! For us Danes living here in San Diego it is slowly becoming a tradition to play volleyball at the beach every Friday around noon and it is so much fun. Again a great way to get a bit of exercise without noticing it. The video below is from today’s games and can give you an idea of how good we’re getting (or at least how good some people are getting!) I prefer not to comment on my own talent… But hey, it’s all about having fun right! An fun we are definitely having. All this exercising is really creating a lot of feel-good-ness (yes I just made up that word). The whole thing about those endorphins is very true.

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