Sometimes I get a good feeling

This extremely catchy tune has pretty much become the theme song for our stay here in San Diego. At the moment you here it practically EVERYWHERE. I’m convinced that before the end of this month I’ll will have become pretty tired of this song, but right now I absolutely love it! It just says it all. It is inevitable that San Diego city along with San Diego State University has a certain reputation (even though this naturally has nothing to do with my reasons for coming here). According to College Prowler, SDSU gets a B+ in party skills. Check out the website, it has a lot of great tips about the San Diego night life – where to go and what to do. Apparently SDSU “has the biggest college nightlife scene in San Diego, and one of the largest in California.” I did not know that before I went here, I promise. Still, this fact has unavoidably effected our stay here (even though considering that we have four boys in the house we haven’t been out a lot!). Even though everyone says that Garnet Ave is THE place to go out we have become rather fond of the Thursday-night-place-to-be in South Mission called Beachcomber (beware of loud noise on the website when you open this link). This tiny and yet very spatial bar keeps the genius tradition of $1 drinks from 9-11PM on Thursdays – a tradition that tends to attract quite a crowd. If you’re there at 8.45 you’ll get it within minutes. If you’re there at 9.00 prepare yourself for about an hours wait in the line. Another proud tradition of the Pacific/Mission Beach night-life is Taco Tuesdays. The idea of this concept is a combination of happy hour and extremely cheap Tacos. Some places like PB Bar & Grill the offer is $2 tacos and $3 margaritas and other places like the Cabo Cantina it’s all-you-can-eat tacos for $5 and two-for-one drinks. But there are a bunch of places around PB that have special offers on Taco Tuesday. A great place to read reviews about anything in San Diego is! We’ve also had a private party at our fabulous apartment! We celebrated one of the guy’s birthday last weekend with a bunch of the other Danish students that are also studying here (there a quite a lot of us, it’s almost like “little Denmark”!) Such a fun night! It is a Danish (or actually just Jutlandic, but I happen to be living with 5 people from Jutland) tradition to throw cinnamon at people when they turn 25. So we did. A. Lot. Of. Cinnamon! But he took it well. Maybe because we gave him a guitar. Anyway it almost felt like the best of Danish summertime when we were all cramped outside on our tiny tiny balcony singing (or rather screaming) classic Danish songs completely out of tune (but with a lot of passion) while ST was playing his guitar. Happy times in San Diego!

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