Bachelor pads and gold convertibles

We have a home! And not just any home… a home with a giant fridge that has one of those icecube-machine thingies! Now how awesome is that! As you might have guessed by now, our new place is pretty fabulous. It’s a three bedroom, three bathroom (yay!), two floor apartment in Pacific Beach (because off course cool people like us need to be in the middle of all the action…) that’s about 50 meters from the water! We can’t really see the water from our (two!) balconies, but we know it’s right there! Both before and after we arrived here in San Diego everyone informed us that PB (as us locals call it) was the place to stay and so far everyone has been right! PB is a casual, laid back place, where girls roller-blading in nothing but bikinis and very tanned guys carrying around surfboards are not uncommon sights (it’s just like on TV!). Finally having a place to live has really made us all relax more and taken away a great deal of the stress that comes with moving to a foreign country and trying to establish a life there. We have been so lucky to find a place that could fit all six of us. We used Craigslist to search for places to rent and that’s also where we found this absolutely perfect place. The only downside to it is that upstairs it’s pretty dark. The windows are toned, which means if you want natural light you have to open the windows. Thanks to the lovely California weather we’ve been having, this hasn’t been much of a problem. I guess the toned windows are part of the whole modern theme the apartment has going on – abstract paintings, black furniture, leather couches, giant flat screen TV. You might even call the place a regular bachelor pad! But no worries, my friend K and I bought a plant. It’s an orchid (so it doesn’t mess up the modern style). We got it at our trip to IKEA (the most perfect way to cure homesickness if you’re a Scandinavian btw!). But people need to be aware that there are girls living here too. At least our car is pretty girly! Oh yeah, we bought a car! But not just any car… the gold convertible kind! You heard me. We find it to be very California. I must admit I wasn’t completely convinced in the beginning. But then we went for a ride. I’m telling you there’s something about driving in a convertible car with the top down, the sun in your face and the wind in your hair that simply feel very liberating. Even though the wind is making your hair whip your face it doesn’t matter. When I was in the back seat of that fabulous gold car with my head leaned back and looking at the scattered white clouds, I felt pretty damn good. So if you happen to see a couple of fine young people cruisin’ around PB and Mission Beach in this gold convertible with surfboards sticking out from the back seat looking very very cool, then it just might be us…

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