Welcome to sunny San Diego!

At this moment I have been in San Diego for 16 days, 16 hours and 16 minutes. Already so much has happened. First week of California dreamin’ was spent staying at the Ocean Beach International Hostel, where we were first greeted by a sleepy looking young receptionist and a slight smell in the air of something you can smoke that isn’t tobacco. When eating the free Monday dinner consisting of Spaghetti with tomato sauce and a hint of a meat-like taste (a lovely meal by the way, who doesn’t enjoy a free meal) we were approached by our first local friend (or almost local meaning from Los Angeles). Your classic friendly “surfer dude” completely unaware of how tired from a long flight his new friends were, just looking for a casual conversation and trying to welcome these pale looking foreigners. We instantly felt welcome at this cozy little hostel lost in a time bubble of peace, love and harmony. The only downside to the OBI Hostel was it’s location – we all ended up spending quite a lot of cash on taxi rides with chatty drivers forth and back between Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach where we were looking for a place to rent for the semester. I’m glad we stayed at Ocean Beach though. It was a welcoming and laid back place to begin our stay here in sunny California.

One very early morning when I couldn’t sleep any longer due to the infamous jet-lag, I decided to take a walk on the beach. On bare feet i walked the short route from the hostel to the beach through a ghost like town, cold and vaguely misty. When I got to the beach I was surprised by how loud the waves were. I grew up by the sea in Denmark, but it was only ever that loud whenever there was a serious storm. I stood there for just a minute simply enjoying the sound of the waves that slowly seemed more and more mellow as my ears got used to it. Eventually it even seemed soothing. When I took a deep breath and felt the fresh, salty sea breeze I could actually physically feel that in this moment I was truly happy. Everything was good and for just a few minutes, while the sun went up and created little patches of gold in the clouded sky, I stopped worrying about finding a place to rent, a car and crashing courses


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